Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How do I place an order?
    Click here to know how to order
  • 2. What are the shipping charges?
    By Registered Airmail (Limited tracking or without tracking for some countries) starting from $ 8.00
    By Express Insured mail (with online tracking)
    U.S.A & South America - Starting from $16.00
    Australia & Asia - Starting from $ 16.00
    Europe - Starting from $ 25.00
    India - Starting from Rs.110/-

    Please click the link below for shipping charges in detail.
    Updated shipping charges
  • 3. Why are your prices so low than other suppliers?
    We are asked this question all the time and our customers, such as yourself, even though happy with the lower rates are always curious about this, As our goods are tagged 2 to 4 times in the market. We are in the business since 1965 and have connection to factories directly. hence eliminating the middle men. We buy merchandise in bulk and that gives us an upper hand while negotiating the price and we pass on those savings to our customers.
  • 4. Are your gemstones real or Hydro Composite synthetic/simulated?
    We sell all real and synthetic/simulated products. The details of each product are clearly stated as such.
  • 5. How do I care my Gemstones?
    Follow the link below to read gemstone-wise details of caring;
    How to care for Gemstones?
  • 6. What international currency do you use for pricing your products?
    Our prices are based in US dollars and the bank Pay us in Indian currency.
  • 7. If I visit Mumbai City, India ,is it possible to visit your Office?
    Yes it is always Possible, You just have to make a call or email us
  • 8. I am new to Gemstones and would like to have collection of different gemstones?
    We have a shipment of $ 65.00 name as start your own business. We send different gemstones and necklaces with their name written on the bags.
  • 9. Can we order & reserve the stones online, Payment to be send by Wire (Bank) Transfer, NEFT, BHIM, UPI, PAYTM ?
    We will hold the gemstones. You have to e mail us the copy of Wire (Bank) Transfer, NEFT
  • 10. Where do these stones come from?
    Most of the gemstones are mined in Brazil, Africa, India and Srilanka. Some stones are easily tracked for their origin by their special characteristics of that stone like Indian Ruby. But now a days the rough are mined in so many countries that one can not be always certain.
  • 11. When will you ship my order?
    Your order will be shipped within 2-4 days after receipt of payment. We will inform you, if for any reason the order is delayed. Please note that weekends and holidays are not counted as business days.
    Note: Custom made jewellery takes 7 to 10 days to prepare.
  • 12. Which courier service do you use to ship orders to your customers?
    We send the goods by Express mail, Registered mail
  • 13. Will you email me the corresponding package tracking number?
    You will receive the tracking number of the parcel after your order is shipped.
  • 14. What are my payment options?
    We accept all major credit cards such as Visa, Master, Amex, Diner. We also accept Paypal. The payment also can be sent by wire transfer to our bank. Beside above option Customers from India can send the payments by NEFT, BHIM, UPI, PAYTM.
  • 15. Is it safe to send my credit card information through the web?
    Your online transaction are completely safe. The information can not be seen by anybody since it is done under 128-bit SSL server that encrypts your card information when you send it to bank.
  • 16. Can we order multiple quantity of a gemstones?
    You can order multiple quantity from the wholesale lots (Cabochons Wholesale, Facetted Gemstone Wholesale, necklaces Semi precious, Metaphysical pendulum). You can change the quantity predefined 1 to your choice of 2 or more.
    All other categories, stones are one of a kind and can be ordered in predefined quantity of 1 only.
  • 17. Why we see same picture in some of the stone?
    It is very difficult to click diffrent pictures so when there is no major change in the quality, we keep a common picture.
  • 18. What is size in mm?
    It mentions the length and width of the stone.

    mm = mili meter, 10mm = 1 centi meter OR 1 inch=25.4mm
  • 19. What is carat weight?
    It mentions the weight of stones.

    5 carat= 1 gram
    1 carat= 1.10 Ratti
  • 20. What "Return,Reund,Cancellation Policy" is applicable for customers?
    Goods to be returned within 15 days from reciept of the parcel without any damages.
    Jewellery made by order- No Refund or replacement.
    Gemstones- Replacement or Refund after deducting VAT-CST-LBT, Postage and 10% handling charges. Some time the bank suspect the transaction and ask us to submit the valid id and front side of the card. We ask the customer to provide the same. If we do not recieve it, we refund the amount deducting 10 % service charge.
  • 21. How to know the Gemstone suitable to my Planet, astrological sign or Birth month?