Gemstone Clarity

Gemstone and Calibrated Stones Clarity

Grade Description
AAA Flawless to Eye-Clean, Fine Cut, Perfect Facets & Polish with Full Luster
AA Small inclusions or flaws which do not interfere with the Light, Luster and Transparency of the Stone, Perfect Facets & Polish.
A Inclusions or flaws easily visible under naked eye but which do not interfere with the Light, Luster and Transparency of the Stone
AB Fine colour, small natural visible inclusions and/or flaws in a translucent gemstone, surface clean, fine cut and polished mostly in cabcohon cut
BB Fine colour, translucent to opaque, surface clean, fine cut & polished mostly in form of cabcohons, cat's eye, stars, plates, carvings etc.
Terms Meaning Remark
FL Flawless Flawless
IF Internally Flawless No Imperfection visible under 10x Magnification.
VVS 1 / VVS 2 Very Very Slightly Included Some What less Difficult to see imperfection under10x Magnification.
VS 1 / VS 2 Very Slightly Included Imperfection not obvious but easy to locate under 10x Magnification.
SI 1 / SI 2 Slightly Included Imperfection very readily visible Under 10x Magnification But not larger enough to be seen by naked eye when the Diamond Is Face up.
I 1, I 2 Imperfect Grades Imperfection visible to the naked eye when the Diamond is face up.
I 3 Imperfect Grades Obvious inclusions that may affect transparency and brilliance. Imperfections may take away from the beauty of the stone
Natts Black Spotted Full Brilliancy Black Spotted stones.
Eye Clean Visibly clean with naked eye The eye clean diamonds are not loupe clean.